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mobile broadband wireless access (802.20) (MBWA)

Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) is a topic covered by the IEEE802.20working group. This working group evolved from the 802.16( BWA) working group.

Specifications of IEEE 802.20

Specifications of IEEE 802.20

The activities of this working group aim to define mobile wireless access to broadband access networks. This includes the use of frequency bands below 3.5 GHz that are subject to licensing, the data rate, which should be at least 1 Mbit/s for each user, the travel speed of the mobile receiving unit, which should be at least 250 km/h, and an extension to the metropolitan area network( MAN).

The activities are directed towards the standardization of a packet-oriented interface for the IP protocol in order to provide the mobile end user with access to the Internet. Voice services are not supported, but are deliberately left with GSM and UMTS.

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