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Mobile computing is the data communication of a mobile computer with other stationary or mobile computers. Communication can take place via mobile networks and WLANs using the Internet. Mobile computing is used wherever sensitive data is collected, distributed and processed on the move. For example, in automotive technology, the financial sector, mobile business, mobile commerce and medical monitoring, to name just a few areas.

In principle, mobile computing involves connecting the mobile computer to the relevant network via a surf stick. Data transmission can be set up directly from the mobile computer, smartphone or cell phone; this is referred to as mobile originated( MO). In the Mobile Terminated( MT) mode, the mobile computer can be used as a receiving device for file transfers. Notebooks, tablets, laptops, PDAs, smartphones, phablets, netbooks and handhelds are used as mobile devices.

UMTS stick for HSUPA and HSDPA from T-Mobile

UMTS stick for HSUPA and HSDPA from T-Mobile

In the early years of mobile computing, only the GSM networks were available with a relatively low data rate. This was increased to a few hundred kbit/s by High Speed Downlink Packet Access( HSDPA). Only with UMTS could data rates of 384 kbit/s be realized, and later with Long Term Evolution( LTE) of 100 Mbit/s and more. In addition to mobile networks, stationary and mobile hotspots with WLANs are also available for mobile computing, with which communication is possible via corresponding WLAN sticks if the notebook does not have a WLAN connection, as well as the wireless broadband technologies WiMAX or WiBro.

Mobile computing is supported by many apps. For the development of the mobile apps, a cloud-based development architecture is available with the Mobile Backend as a Service ( MBaaS), which supports developers with the many display formats, resolutions and operating systems of the mobile end devices and offers security aspects, authentication, data management, streaming and some other functions in the backend.

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