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mobile execution environment (mobile communications) (MExE)

The Mobile Execution Environment (MExE) is a functionally enhanced WAP technology based on Java. MExE is part of the specifications of 3GPP and defines a flexible and secure application environment for mobile GSM and UMTS phones or PDAs. It has more features than the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and also has more application possibilities.

There are different MExE versions:

MExE Class Mark 1 is based on the WAP protocol and is suitable for mobile devices with limited functions and a small display for text ads.

MExE Class Mark2 supports more powerful applications that have higher processing power, larger memory and a larger display for graphical displays.

MExE Class Mark3 supports Java applications and is based on Java 2 Micro Edition( J2ME).

MExE Class Mark 4 is based on Common Language Infrastructure - Compact Profile(CLICP). It can be used with many mobile devices and various programming languages.

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