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modular jack (MJ)

Modular connectors, Modular Jack (MJ), date back to the 1980s and were developed for telephone cabling. Later they were used in Ethernet. The better known modular connectors include all RJ connectors such as the RJ11, RJ12 and the RJ45.

Modular connectors consist of a male and a female connector. While the male connector is attached to the end of the cable, the female connector is permanently installed in equipment or distribution devices. Plugs are the male part, which can be plugged and locked into the socket, the female part. The contacts of the modular connectors are numbered consecutively. The connector size depends on the number of contacts. The number and the position (P) of the contacts (C) can be combined differently. There is a clear concept for the arrangement, which is expressed in "xPxC". In which "P" indicates the number of positions and "C" the number of contacts. P can take the numbers 4, 6, 8 and 10 and C the values 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. 6P6C is given as an example. This specification means that the connector has 6 positions and 6 contacts. All positions are thus occupied.

The technological development of modular connectors has significantly improved their characteristics. Thus, the RJ connectors like the RJ45 can also transmit high frequencies up to gigahertz. This means that they can also be used for Gigabit Ethernet. Other areas of application include telephone cabling, communications technology and, above all, network technology.

Modular connectors for RJ45 plugs, photo:

Modular connectors for RJ45 plugs, photo:

Modular jacks, or rather their sockets, can be installed in compact assemblies in an extremely space-saving manner due to their small dimensions; they can contain integrated filter elements and transformers and are available for any type of board assembly such as through-hole technology or SMT technology. In addition, there are versions that support Power over Ethernet( PoE).

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