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multi streaming

Multi-streaming is multiple streaming. It is the ability of video servers to transmit two or more different video streams as streaming video with different characteristics to different users or applications. Such behavior requires that video servers are scalable, support different compressions, as well as different resolutions and frame rates.

As for compression methods, video servers should support H.264, MPEG-4 or Motion JPEG, as IP video devices work with these methods. It is also important that the streaming video can be transmitted in at least two different resolutions in order to display it on stationary and mobile IP end devices. The same applies to the frame rate. By reducing the frame rate, the required bandwidth can be reduced, but at the same time the video is played back in a jerky manner.

Therefore, the image quality for professional video applications is determined by the resolution and also by the frame rate. It is crucial for multi-streaming that the user can determine in which resolution, frame rate and compression method he wants to receive the video stream so that it optimally meets his individual quality, bandwidth and storage requirements.

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