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multiple gate field effect transistor (MuGFET)

Multiple Gate Field Effect Transistor (MuGFET) is a special design of MOSFETs, with more than one gate. A well-known representative of these multiple gate field effect transistors is the FinFET with two or three gates.

The individual gates of a multiple gate operate electrically in the same way as a single gate. They surround the charge carrier channel between source and drain on three sides and thus have a direct influence on the charge control. In addition, multigate transistors can be used to fabricate smaller microprocessors and the smallest memory cells in CMOS technology.

Structure of the double-gate FET, FinFET

Structure of the double-gate FET, FinFET

MuGFETs can be built much smaller than planar transistors, they operate with lower supply voltages, require less energy, have shorter switching times and achieve higher computing power. They are used in the logic circuits of microprocessors and in SRAMs.

As far as the development of MuGFETs is concerned, all well-known chip manufacturers are engaged in this technology, which can be produced in structure widths of 45 nm, 32 nm and 22 nm. The production of MuGFETs places high demands on lithographers and process engineers, who have to deal with a wide variety of implantations and patterning, as well as with setting the threshold voltage.

Multigate technologies include finFETs with two gates, tri-gate transistors and gate-all-around FETs( GAA- FET) with two or four gates.

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