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network management (NM)

Network management is the paraphrase of all functions and components for monitoring and controlling networks. These functionalities, which are geared to the operation of the network, are part of comprehensive IT management and e-management, which controls business processes via the Internet.

Network management is the prerequisite for the operation of a network. Due to the complexity of larger networks, various control and routing functions must be performed by means of a network management system.

The five network management areas

The five network management areas

The tasks of network management therefore include collecting information about the use of the network by the connected stations, generating reports and statistics for planning, operation, outage and maintenance, network configuration and related configuration changes, performance, event and fault monitoring. Inconjunction with open communications, the International Standards Organization( ISO) defined five functional areas for network management: fault management, performance management, configuration management, bandwidth management, billing management, and security management.

Fault management groups together all the functions that can be used to prevent faults, detect fa ults and correct fa ults in the network.

Configuration management contains utilities and functions for planning, extending and changing the configuration and for maintaining configuration information.

Performance management provides utilities and tools for measuring and improving the performance behavior of the network and for network tuning.

Billing management includes means to properly manage the use of the network, such as access management, consumer control and billing aids, and information services.

Security management is responsible for monitoring access permissions to networks, LAN segments, services and other resources.

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