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on demand (OD)

On-Demand(OD) means "on demand". It is the provision and retrieval of resources, software, IT services, computer or network services, data and telecommunications services on demand.

  1. Ininformation technology, the term on-demand computing was introduced by IBM in the 1990s for a computing concept. This computing concept is similar to utility computing developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a distributed form of organization in which different data processing tasks are performed by interconnected computers. On-demand computing later gave rise to Software as a Service( SaaS) and from this to cloud computing.
  2. In data and telecommunications, on-demand services are on-demand services. In these services, information is provided in a pool that users can access at any time, from any location, and individually control the flow of information. The transmission of DoD services is based on a two- channel transmission with a narrowband return channel for user retrievals and a wideband homing channel for service transmission. Typical examples are streaming services such as music streaming and streaming video, print-on-demand, fax-on-demand, audio-on-demand, music-on-demand, service-on-demand, or video services such as video-on-demand.
  3. On-demand services are used in many application areas. In network technology, for example, there is Network-on-Demand as a demand-oriented concept, for better utilization of network capacities there is Bandwidth-on-Demand( BoD), in printing technology there is Drop-On-Demand, in storage networks Capacity-on-Demand( CoD), in knowledge management there is Content-on-Demand (CoD) and in the print sector there is Print-on-Demand( PoD) and Book-on-Demand (BoD).
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