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on-the-go (USB) (OTG)

On-the-Go (OTG) is a mode of operation in which peripheral devices can communicate directly with each other without a personal computer. The OTG devices can operate as a host or as a peripheral. On-the-Go was first introduced with the USB interface in version 2.0.

On-the-Go breaks the traditional host-based USB architecture by allowing mobile and other peripheral devices to exchange data directly with each other.

USB On-the-Go logo

USB On-the-Go logo

USB On-the-Go is a standard for mini-USB connectors and micro-USB connectors for a point-to-point connection. In this mode of operation, host functionality is assigned to the peripheral devices. The peripherals can be host or peripheral in this mode and dynamically switch between these two functionalities.

With USB On-the-Go, for example, a digital camera can be connected directly to a printer, a cell phone can be used to establish a wireless Internet and display the data on a monitor or download it to an MP3 player.

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