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open platform (OP)

In software and web-basedarchitectures, an Open Platform (OP) describes a software system based on open standards. The specifications of such an Open Platform are completely accessible and can be used by anyone without modifying the source code.

An Open Platform does not mean open source. However, most Open Platforms have multiple implementations ofprogramming interfaces. This allows developers to add additional functions and features to an Open Platform that are not provided by the vendor. Open Platforms are used in Service-Oriented Architectures( SOA) to access various services, such as between different systems on the Internet or smart cards.

Open Platforms are also used for smart cards. The Visa Open Platform (VOP), a smart card interface in the smart card operating system that is used to manage smart card applications, is based on such an open platform. The OP interface specifications serve as an international de facto standard for single and multi- application smart cards.

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