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packet radio (PR)

Packet Radio (PR) is a digital radio service operated in the CB band for texts and data, comparable to telex. Using this service, for example, two personal computers(PCs) can communicate with each other over a radio link via radio modems.

The PR method uses error correction, and the data and messages can be stored in buffers and mailboxes. The transmission protocol consists of the header with the addresses, the user data and the trailer with the error correction. The amount of user data is limited to 256 characters. Packet radio is transmitted in the VHF band and in the UHF band. Six channels are reserved for this purpose in the CB band. The transmission rates are max. 9.6 kbit/s. Due to the permissible transmission power of 4 W, distances of several kilometers can be bridged with Packet Radio.

There is a version with 1,200 baud (1k2), which works with two tones of 1.2 kHz and 2.4 kHz, which works with Audio Frequency Shift Keying( AFSK).

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