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The term path is used in different contexts, both in file management and in switching or routing.

  1. In file management, the path is the location of a folder or file in the directory tree. It is a hierarchical structure from the drives through the main directories and the various subdirectories to the files.
    Directory tree with a path of folders

    Directory tree with a path of folders

    All directories that belong to a path are included in it. File paths can be displayed graphically or in mixed notation, with the individual directories separated by a backslash (\). The drive name is separated from the directories by a colon. Example: C:\Document\All User\Application\Microsoft\Crypto\....
  2. In switching technology, a path represents the switched connection between sender and receiver. A path may exist in real terms or may exist only virtually, such as the virtual paths in asynchronous transfer mode( ATM). In routing, the paths are determined by the routing algorithms.
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