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personal communications network (mobile communications) (PCN)

Personal communication is an infinite field of individual communication. It is an older designation from the eighties.

To achieve thematic containment, Personal Communications Networks(PCN) users should be able to communicate with a single subscriber number via all communication channels, regardless of the user's location. In addition, PCN users should be able to use and influence all communications services economically. Another essential criterion for Personal Communication Networks (PCN) is user mobility.

The chosen approach for personal communication networks goes beyond all known techniques of mobile and wireline communication, because the known mobile networks for Cordless Telephony( CT), CT1, CT2, DECT, trunked radio etc. are always system related and communication via fixed networks like POTS or ISDN is location based. PCN networks are intended to break up these structures into a global telecommunications network.

The development of PCN networks in Europe

In Europe, where the development of PCN networks has started from England, the awarding authorities have made a 75 MHz frequency band available. In Germany, 10 MHz was allocated for the E1 network license and 15 MHz for extensions, with the E-Plus consortium acting as the network operator for E-Plus.

The standardization of PCN communications, known as DCS 1800(Digital Cellular System), was adopted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute( ETSI) on the basis of a modified GSM standard in 1991. The technical constraints are the frequency range of 1.8 GHz with transmitting powers of 1 W pulse or 250 mW sine wave, the radio cell size of 1 km to 10 km, national roaming, including between GSM and PCN networks, and the extension of the frequency band from 25 MHz to 75 MHz.

Personal satellite radio

A major goal of PCN communications is personal satellite mobile communications, or Satellite Personal Communications Networks( SPCN), in which cell phones will be used to communicate via satellite transmission. The basic concept starts with the satellite constellation, and each of the three satellite concepts, that with GEO geostationary satellites, MEO medium-altitude satellites, and LEO low-altitude satellites, has transmission advantages and disadvantages. However, the satellite PCN can also be differentiated according to switching solutions. Inmarsat and Iridium should be mentioned here.

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