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pixel shader

A pixel shader is a graphics program programmed in the graphics processor to enhance graphics surfaces and textures. Shaders are crucial for graphic effects, for shading caused by lighting, for the color and surface texture of objects.

Pixel shading is performed by small processors or by the graphics processor and provides realistic representations. In this process, the surfaces, structures and material properties of individual pixels represented with textures are processed in greater detail. Fragments are included in the shading calculation, as are the smallest color differences and surface elements. To accelerate the shading calculations, the number of pixel shaders is increased. It goes without saying that a graphics card with 16 pixel shader units can execute the shader effects much faster than one with 8 shader units.

In computer games, pixel shaders are used for complex effects. For example, a pixel shader can create realistic graphics, make partial image areas or edges shine, or make an object explode.

Pixel shaders are used in phong shading and rendering, among other things.

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