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point of sale (POS)

A point of sale(POS) is a terminal for business activities with interactive multimedia presentations on a display or digital signage. Such an interactive terminal is based on multimedia techniques and guides the user through the offer via sophisticated menus using touch-sensitive touchscreens.

On the digital signage the customer can inform himself about the offer, the product, or the service and carry out his order on the business terminal. He can pay for his order or withdrawal using his credit card, for example.

Photo kiosks from Mitsubishi and Bluechip

Photo kiosks from Mitsubishi and Bluechip

A Point of Sale terminal is an information terminal, a POI system, where orders and bookings can be made and completed. It is directly connected to the Automated Clearing House( ACH).

POS terminals are used, among other things, as point-of-sale terminals, ATMs, kiosk systems for ticket sales, ticket sales for streetcars, subways, commuter trains and railroads, for the sale of stamps or as photo kiosks for the input and output of digital photos.

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