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Policies are statutes, guidelines or rules of conduct for the use of systems, networks, services or for the assignment of applications.

Policies can include technical specifications, services and their features, or the guaranteed transfer criteria between providers and customers, such as the Acceptable Use Policies(AUP), as well as regulating security policy and user rights, such as the Authorization Policy, or implementing special ordinances, such as the Battery Ordinance, the Network Access Ord inance, or the Signature Ordinance. Policies exist for business processes and in the form of device-dependent and device-independent policies. As guidelines that dictate how employees may use social networks, Social Networking Policies( SNP), how they must leave their workplace, Clean Desk Policies( CDP), or how the company's own mobile devices may be used, Corporate Mobility Policies.

Policy management optimizes data traffic and regulates the provision of networks, services and resources.

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