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pop-up banner

A pop-up banner is a special banner that attracts relatively high attention. The pop-up banner appears in a separate browser window on the accessed web page according to a temporally or statistically determined scheme without any action on the part of the viewer.

The pop-up banner opens a smaller or larger window, which is superimposed on the visited web page and can be removed by the user with a mouse click. Pop-up banners can be displayed for a fixed period of a few seconds and then disappear automatically. Pop-up banners have a size of about 300 x 200 pixels.

Pop-up banner for ordering a newsletter

Pop-up banner for ordering a newsletter

Other pop-up banners are the interstitial b anner and the superstitial banner. They differ from the pop-up banner in that they use large banner formats, Flash and video techniques and occupy the entire browser window.

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