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power distribution unit (PDU)

A power distribution unit(PDU) is a power strip for system racks. It is used to supply the devices and system components installed in the rack - switches, servers, storage units, etc. - with mains voltage. - are supplied with mains voltage.

The power distribution units are single- phase connected to the mains voltage and their dimensions correspond to the standardized rack dimensions. They have a width of 19", slotted holes for mounting on the vertical rack rails and a standard height of one height unit(HE) of 44.45 mm.

In Germany, power distribution units have up to eight Schuko sockets. To accommodate these in the height unit of 44.45 mm, the Schuko sockets are installed rotated by 45°. Power distribution units are designed for 230 V and 16 A as standard.

Power distribution unit for system racks, photo:

Power distribution unit for system racks, photo:

Whereas power distribution units (PDUs) used to be simple power distribution units, the trend is toward intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), which are increasingly equipped with switching, measurement and control functions and are included in data center infrastructure management( DCIM). They can contain sensors and actuators in the form of relays, record room temperatures and humidity values, and use switching functions to switch individual outlets with the connected devices on or off as needed, thus contributing to energy management. Intelligent power strips can incorporate environmental parameters such as temperature or humidity into energy management. An evaluation of the energy demand for individual components is possible via the socket management. Other functions include remote controllability and alarm messages via short message service( SMS) or e-mail.

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