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InIT technology, a process consists of several actions in a row that are executed by a program. These processes can be executed one after the other in time-sharing as sub-processes and together they form the entire process.

Each process or subprocess is characterized by its temporally changed state. In terms of an information process, this means that information undergoes a change of state between the initial and final state by an information system or by programs. A process can be active, ready for processing, or in a waiting state.

Assignment of processes and programs

Assignment of processes and programs

If the processes run at several stations, which are coupled over networks with one another, then it concerns distributed processes, with which several coworkers solve the set task together. Corresponding platforms are provided with the Distributed Component Object Model( DCOM) or the Common Object Request Broker Architecture( CORBA).

Programs can execute one or more processes. If several processes are processed at the same time, they are referred to as parallel processes.

If processes are automated, then we are talking about process automation.

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