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project management (PM)

Project management(PM) deals with the planning, control and optimization of the development process and its costs in the creation of hardware, software and systems.

Classic project management runs through several self-contained phases in succession between planning and project completion. These include the initialization phase, definition of the project, planning phase, analysis, design, implementation, development and test phase. Project management should be based on existing vendor-independent standards that can be used to describe similar issues in a similar way by different users.

Standardized methods have the advantage over proprietary, self-developed methods that they standardize key terms and promote understanding vis-à-vis project processes. This applies in particular to the important aspects of comparability of schedules, staffing and resource plans. Furthermore, PM standardization provides compatibility of planning details and the planning process and avoids additional work in cross-departmental projects. It creates uniform evaluation guidelines and demonstrates appropriate competence to the customer. The use of appropriate PM standards becomes more important the more comprehensive the project, the more complex the organizational structures of the company and the more partners are involved in the project.

There are three independent, more or less internationally recognized methods for supporting project management. In detail, these are the "Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBoK) of the Project Management Institute ( PMI), the "IPMA Competence Baseline" (ICB) of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and the "Project in Controlled Environments" (Prince2) developed by the British Office of Government Commerce ( OGC).

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