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The toolbar is an input area of a graphical user interface( GUI) that contains icons. Instead of the words in the menu bar, the toolbar displays pictograms for user input. These toolbars have application-related icons and can be shown, hidden, formatted, and positioned on the user interface to support operator input.

Most application programs allow multiple toolbars to be invoked; however, they always have icons that are directly related to the application. For example, the toolbars of graphics programs contain construction and painting tools, or those of text programs contain formatting functions, form functions, database functions or table functions.

Toolbars under MS-Word

Toolbars under MS-Word

To call a function, the desired icon on the function bar must be activated with the mouse button. If you stay with the computer mouse on a symbol, the function of the icon is shown in a bubble after a short time.

The toolbars can be static, i.e. their functions are always displayed, even those that cannot be activated, or dynamic, in which case the icons change depending on the function currently being executed. Moreover, the user can create his own toolbars.

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