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Providers are providers of telecommunications services, application services, cloud services, content services and many others that provide customers with a service in the field of information and communications technologies.

While Service Providers( SP) provide the networks, the transmission paths and the transmission capacity and take care of the operation, Content Providers( CP) put content in the form of information on the network and Solution Providers provide the corresponding solutions. Service providers can be divided into Internet Service Providers( ISP), Application Service Providers( ASP) and Cloud Service Providers according to the type of service they provide. The latter differ in the cloud services they offer. There is overlap between the various provider offerings because many also offer the services in addition to the network infrastructure.

Well-known provider companies that provide Internet services such as e-mail, NetNews, File Transfer Protocol ( FTP) and WWW to end customers via dial-up nodes( POP) include Deutsche Provider Network, Eunet, KPNQuest and DFN.

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