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realtime/3 (SAP) (R/3)

One of the best-known software packages for business processes is R/3 from SAP AG. It includes all business processes, such as purchasing and materials procurement, warehousing and production, sales and human resources.

The activities of these and other business units are linked in R/3 and made available in real time. Each business unit has immediate access to the data and can derive its own decisions from it. Purchasing, for example, could derive conclusions about new orders from inventory levels.

R/3 is both a management tool and a business management tool for the individual company divisions, supporting the strategic planning of the company management and the short-term decisions in the various company divisions with constantly available up-to-date data.

In terms of architecture, R/3 is a client- server architecture with a large relational database in which the company-relevant data is stored in tables. The database can be accessed from all clients. In addition to the relational database, the three-tier R/3 model also has the application layer and the presentation layer, which forms the system- user interface. R/3 supports a wide variety of database systems from Oracle, Informix or Microsoft as well as a wide variety of operating systems. It is written in the Advanced Business Application Programming( ABAP) language developed by SAP-AG.

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