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Indata communication, a route identifies the routing path of the data packet through the network, namely from the data source to the data sink. Such a route can be determined according to certain criteria.

In a classic sub-route network, but also in interconnected local networks, the problem arises that an intermediate node, an interface message processor( IMP) or router must know in which way data packets are to be handled, i.e. whether a data packet is to be forwarded at all and if so, where to or via which output port. Routing is generally used to define methods for the optimal route through the network. A route defines the path across different nodes, either for a section or for the entire path from the data source to the data sink. The definition can be static or change over time (dynamic). This is referred to as static or dynamic routing.

In SNA, virtual route definitions (routing paths) are also known, which are incarnated parameterized when they are needed.

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