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satellite personal communication network (satellite comm.) (SPCN)

In the future, mobile communications will evolve toward PCN systems that encompass individual communications as well as data communications with all their facets. Insatellite communications, this approach is being pursued by SPCN (Satellite Personal Communication Network) systems.

SPCN satellite networks can be used by international companies and their employees, as well as by globally operating transport companies. They are ideal for maritime use as well as for stationary use in areas where no appropriate telecommunications infrastructure is available.

Delay times play a decisive role in many satellite services, such as interactive services like telephony or video conferencing. For broadcast services, on the other hand, delay times play a subordinate role. Depending on the orbit of the satellites, delay times can range from a few milliseconds, as with LEO satell ites where they are less than 20 ms, to several hundred milliseconds, as with GEO satellites and HEO satellites. For these satellites, the delay times are over 200 ms and are thus unacceptable for voice transmissions.

Since both interactive services and broadcast services are used in Satellite Personal Communication Networks, SPCN networks are formed by satellites from different orbits, in a kind of hybrid satellite constellation that are mutually interconnected via Inter Satellite Links( ISL). As the different satellites move toward and away from each other at relatively high speeds, frequency shifts occur due to the Doppler effect.

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