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semi-anechoic chamber (SAC)

Inmeasurement technology, antennas, systems and larger components are tested in anechoic or anechoic chambers.

The difference between an anechoic chamber(FAC) and a semi-anechoic chamber ( SAC) is that in an anechoic chamber all walls, the ceiling and the floor are equipped with absorbers. In anechoic rooms, the walls but not the floor are equipped with absorbers. Depending on the application, the floor is covered with damping material. Therefore, anechoic rooms have low reflections.

Low-reflection room, photo:

Low-reflection room, photo:

Anechoic chambers are used to simulate the characteristics of free- field measuring stations with an interference-free and anechoic measuring environment. They are used equally for RF, EMC and acoustic measurements, but with different absorbers. SAC rooms are suitable for large components such as cars or industrial plants.

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