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slice and dice

Slice and Dice is a term from the Online Analytical Processing(OLAP). It describes a technique when working with OLAP cubes to explore new or unknown relationships. In slice and dice, a slice is "cut out" of the OLAP cube by restricting it to one dimensional expression, as described in the term dimension. Within this slice, different viewing angles aretested (dice) by selecting further dimensions.

A slice is nothing more than a subset of an OLAP cube, a constraint in a specific dimension. Thus, the slice can again be understood as an OLAP cube, i.e. as a multidimensional OLAP structure.

The slice from an OLAP cube

The slice from an OLAP cube

OLAP tools usually work with the representation form of the pivot table. The key figures, as described under the term facts, are represented as nodes in a two-dimensional view, where each of the two axes contains expressions of one or more dimensions. By changing the axes, the perspective on the key figures is changed (dice). For example, the perspective per dealer in the month of May can be changed to the perspective per sales region in the month of May. This makes it possible to see, for example, that sales in one region are good even though the dealer responsible for it has suffered sales losses because a competitor from a neighboring region is acquiring in its region.

Thus, depending on which dimensions are used in the presentation of the pivot table, different correlations can be seen. Slice and Dice is therefore preferred above all by controllers and analysts.

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