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  1. In computer technology, many peripheral functions are realized by plug-in cards, whose connections can be led to the outside. The plug-in cards, which can be network cards, graphic cards, sound cards or communication cards, are equipped with the special interfaces, to which the peripheral devices can be connected directly. For these plug-in cards there are slots on the motherboard, which are connected to the bus systems.


    slots Adapter cards, memory latches, microprocessors, etc. can also be plugged into the slots. The design of the slots, their structure and the number of contacts are directly related to the PC bus. In addition to the standard connection for plug-in cards, the PCI bus with its various variants, there is also the Accelerated Graphics Port( AGP) and the fast PCI Express for graphics cards.
  2. For other technologies, the term slot is used instead of slot. For CPU sockets, for example, the slot is used to accommodate the central processing unit. There are different slot types with 242 and 330 pins.
  3. In transmission technology, a slot is a recess in terms of time or frequency into which a signal, channel, data packet or frequency can be inserted.
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