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smart battery (SB)

A Smart Battery (SB) is an intelligent battery equipped with logic or a microprocessor and a System Management Bus( SMBus). It can therefore communicate with the intelligent charger, the Smart Battery Charger( SBC), or the user. The implanted intelligence can be relatively simple, such as indicating the state of charge( SoC) through LEDs or a scale display.

However, the state-of-charge display alone has limited significance, as it is only with the battery's condition, State of Health( SoH), that the actual charge reserve can be determined. This is because a battery can be in a poor condition that no longer allows it to be charged to its rated capacity. Nevertheless, if fully charged, the charge indication would be 100%, although the battery can only be charged to 70%.

Charge status display of a smart battery

Charge status display of a smart battery

Therefore, in addition to the charge indicator, some smart batteries also display the area that is already discharged and the area that can no longer be charged because the State of Health (SoH) has decreased due to many charges. Such a three-part display provides the user with information about the remaining energy, the consumed energy and the area that is no longer available for energy storage.

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