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stacked OLED (SOLED)

SOLED technology is a display technology that is different from Organic Light Emitting Diodes( OLED) arrangement, compared to other OLED displays.

In stacked OLED technology, the light emitting electrodes and the light emitting material of the OLEDs are transparent. These are transparent OLEDs( TOLED). Since they are translucent, the three TOLEDs for the primary colorsred, green and blue can be stacked on top of each other, which has led to the name Stacked OLED (SOLED).

Structure of a SOLED display

Structure of a SOLED display

Each of the three TOLEDs is controlled individually and can be varied in brightness via the supplied current. If all three TOLEDs are driven with the same current, the corresponding pixel glows achromatically, between white, gray and black. When the light intensity is increased, the gray value changes to white.

Since the TOLEDs are arranged one above the other, a pixel does not consist of a color triple, but of a single pixel that can be controlled in color and brightness.

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