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standard software

Standard software represents standard programs that can be used as programming solutions for similar tasks. Standard software is ready-made software developed for general tasks.

The main supply of standard software is accounted for by packages with integration-capable modules that can be specifically adapted to user-specific requirements. A typical example is Microsoft's Office package, which contains programs for word processing, address management, presentation graphics, communications, spreadsheets, and more.

Standard software is much less expensive than custom software and can also be purchased and installed directly. In addition, standard solutions are generally more user-friendly and sophisticated and are regularly updated.

Standard software

Standard software

The application areas for standard software include the administrative office applications, commercial and business applications for personnel management, acquisition, scheduling, cost accounting and much more, applications with graphical conversions for the processing of drawings, graphics, photos, videos, desktop publishing or multimedia presentations, the various Internet applications with their web browsers and e-mail programs, and much more.

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