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  1. A string is a sequence of characters, digits, letters or words that are combined in a character string of variable length. The string is considered an independent data type and is also processed as such by the computer. Character strings can be efficiently processed and stored in databases using various programming languages such as the C programming language, Pascal, Perl and Hypertext Preprocessor( PHP).
  2. Inphotovoltaics( PV), several solar modules connected in series are referred to as a string. Since in a PV string the individual solar modules are connected in series, shading of a single solar module has an extremely detrimental effect on the performance of the photovoltaic system. The solar power generated decreases even if the other solar modules continue to receive sunlight. To prevent this, the shaded solar module is switched off until the sun hits it again. This shutdown function is performed by the bypass diode.
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