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telocator data protocol (mobile communications) (TDP)

Telocator Data Protocols(TDP) is a protocol set of multiple transmission protocols for message transmissionfrom a computer, via a paging system, to a mobile computer. Together, these protocols determine the message flow from the sending station, through multiple processing steps, to the receiving station via the radio link.

The TDP protocol set includes the Telocator Message Entry Protocol (TME), which operates between the Message Entry Device (MED) and the Paging Message Processor( PMP), theTelocator Radio Transport Protocol (TRT), which describes the data format for the RF receiver and for the radio link, and the Telocator Mobile Computer Protocol( TMC), which acts between the RF receiver and the mobile computer.

The TPD protocol is especially suitable for the transmission of larger files and is used for communication with PDAs and for two-way paging.

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