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text communication

Text communication is a communication service used to create, transmit, and process texts, letters, memos, telexes, and books with computer assistance.

Text communication is the transmission of text messages between computers, text-driven machines and mobile devices. This communication can be private messages, messages from information services, recommendations, or even alerts. The communication can also be with computers or voice-controlled machines. Thus with text automats, computer-controlled typesetting machines, text processing systems and various systems in modern offices.

Text communication is characterized by text compression, text-based file formats such as LaTex, Encapsulated Postscript File( EPS), Rich Text Format( RTF) or the TrueType file format, and text interchange formats( TIF). In addition to the aforementioned text executions and representations, further communicative and web-based text representation forms have formed in communication technology with e-mail and the short message service( SMS) or Twitter.

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