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Text links are outbound links that link a word or a text passage of a web page to a landing page, which is the landing web page on another domain. Such text links, which are backlinks from other web pages to one's own, are extremely important for ranking evaluation. The number of text links of the web pages from which the text links originate significantly determine the ranking index of the landing page and the domain.

Because of the importance of text links for one's own rank and thus for improving the position in search results, text links are also marketed. Interested parties who want to improve the ranking index of their website determine the website and the keyword from which the text link should be placed on a landing page determined by them.

Example of a text link from the keyword photovoltaic to the landing page

Example of a text link from the keyword photovoltaic to the landing page

The text link provider receives a monthly or semi-annual fixed amount for this. The improvement of the ranking can be proven in a few months. If the entire website rating, which is expressed in the linkjuice, is transferred to the landing page in the case of a text link, then it is a text link Dofollow. Such a text link is evaluated negatively by search engine operators. Only a text link that is switched as Nofollow does not have a detrimental page rating.

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