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text recognition

Text recognition is a technique used to recognize, process and correct printed and handwritten texts. The texts can be those entered in forms, corrected print templates or handwritten texts.

Text recognition systems distinguish between upper and lower case letters, as well as between digits and characters. They recognize texts in a wide variety of fonts and are not affected by font sizes, degrees of boldness or other typographic characteristics.

In terms of development, the various text recognition systems, intelligent character recognition( ICR) and handwriting recognition( HCR), are based on optical character recognition( OCR) and thus on pattern recognition. Special OCR font types have also been developed for optical text recognition, which are recognized without error by the automatic reading systems. Since these fonts cannot be used in print and also not for handwritten text in block letters, intelligent character recognition (ICR) was developed, which recognizes print and handwritten text by working with statistical probabilities, linguistic executions, semantic correlations and dictionaries.

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