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thin film filter (TFF)

Thin Film Filters (TFF) are optical filters manufactured as chips in the production technology of integrated circuits. They are manufactured using thin film technology and consist of 100 or more layers.

Thin film filters are characterized by high reliability, constancy of characteristic values and low transmission loss, which is less than one decibel. Such thin-film filters are available with narrow-band and wide-band filter characteristics with passband widths between 25 GHz and 200 GHz.

Thin Film Filter, Photo: Okamoto-Glass

Thin Film Filter, Photo: Okamoto-Glass

Thin film filters are used in RF and microwave circuits and in components of optical networks, in RF amplifiers, couplers and oscillators, in optical add/drop multiplexers( OADM) and optical multiplexers( OMUX), but also in the connection area in the various FTTx technologies.

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