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thin very small outline package (chip design) (TVSOP)

The consistent further development of the Small Outline Packages(SOP) led to various narrower and flatter package versions such as the Thin Small Outline Package ( TSOP), the Very Small Outline Package (VSOP) or the Thin Very Small Outline Package (TVSOP). The latter is characterized by an extremely flat, only 1.2 mm thin design, as well as a high pin density.

TVSOP package from Texas Instruments

TVSOP package from Texas Instruments

TVSOP packages have the pins on both long sides, like the classic dual inline package( DIP) design. They are available with 14, 16, 20, 24, 48, 56 and 60 pins, which have a spacing of 0.4 mm. The height is 1.2 mm, which meets Personal Computer Memory Card International Association( PCMCIA) requirements, and the TVSOP package is also registered as a standard package with the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council( JEDEC) under MO-194. Compared to other SOP packages, TVSOP is approximately 50% to 60% smaller than Shrink Small Outline Package( SSOP) and 30% to 40% smaller than Thin Shrink Small Outline Package( TSSOP).

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