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toolkit without an important name (TWAIN)

TWAIN (Toolkit Without An Important Name) is a driver standard for an interface between personalcomputers(PCs), scanners, frame grabbers, and digital cameras. The interface was developed by a working group consisting of manufacturers of graphics programs and scanners.

Twain can be used to transfer all standardized graphics file formats from scanners or other image processing devices to graphics programs. The Twain driver is in the Twain file and is supplied with most scanners. Twain supports only applications that are prepared for Twain, with the driver software managing the interaction between the application software and the image-processing device. One of the most important components of Twain is the Source Manager, which acts as a switching point between the applications and the digital image sources.

The Twain interface was developed by the Twain Working Group to make it easier for programmers and users to interact with scanners, digital cameras and other image processing devices.

WindowsImage Acquisition( WIA) is a further development of TWAIN.

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