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unified threat management (UTM)

Unified Threat Management(UTM) is a multifunctional security concept with which company-specific security strategies can be enforced in the corporate network. The various security technologies and functions are bundled under this integrative security infrastructure.

The background is that all components and services of an IT system are exposed to attacks: Routers and firewalls, file servers and application servers, web servers and database servers. These can be equally stationary stations or mobile end devices. The integrative security infrastructure is designed to control attacks, data theft, spam, viruses and worms, Trojans and other attacks.

UTM management is based on a service-oriented security architecture (SSOA) and aims at demand-oriented use of the security functions, in which all services are integrated: E-mail and file transfer, short message services, application servers and web servers, data integration and other services. Appropriate approaches are realized by UTM appliances that integrate the various security solutions in one box. These include the functions of NGFW firewalls: intrusion detection systems( IDS), intrusion prevention systems( IPS) and antivirus gateways.

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