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Verification involves checking data, processes, models, or people and confirming their accuracy. Verification requires the provision of objective evidence. This means that specified requirements or characteristics must be met.

  1. Verification of persons involveschecking their identity. Biometric procedures are used for this purpose, with which certain biometric characteristics such as the fingerprint, hand geometry or iris are first recorded as a reference and stored in a database for later comparison. During the verification of individuals, the corresponding biometric feature is recorded again and compared with the stored feature. During verification, the verification and reference data must lie within a specified tolerance limit.
  2. Verification of a data carrier or a backup involves checking the backed-up data. In the case of a backup, the stored data is compared with the original data after the write process. This process ensures that the recorded data is free of errors. As a result, erroneous data blocks are detected and can be saved again. One form of verification is read-after-write, which some tape drives support. In this process, the stored data is read out again by a second magnetic head immediately after it has been saved to magnetic tape and compared with the original data. In the event of errors, the corresponding data block is saved again.
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