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Virtual apparently reflects something real. It is the pretense or replication of a state. Ininformation technology, new virtual techniques are constantly being developed to replicate hardware, software, and networks through software. These techniques are called virtualizations and can replicate systems and their modes of operation in such a way that the user can work with them as if they were real systems.

The replicas achieved through virtualization are not exact copies of the systems and their modes of operation, but they are extremely similar to them. Virtualization of systems is intended to use resources more efficiently and reduce costs.

Virtualization is implemented in many information technology systems and tasks. For example, in virtual data centers, virtual storage and virtual tape libraries, virtual networks and virtual private networks, virtual switching technologies with virtual switches and virtual routers. In addition, many applications are being virtualized. This includes virtual reality, virtual agents and virtual assistants, virtual machines and much more.

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