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asterisk (*)

Asterisk or asterisk is a * character (asterisk) on the keyboard, which can be inserted into a character string instead of any letter.

For example, if an asterisk is inserted after the beginning of the word Zins*, it can refer to interest, interest service, interest flow, low-interest, interest-free, interest rate, and much more. Therefore, asterisks are often inserted in searchenginequeries as wildcards or placeholders in a character string. The asterisk character then stands for one or more letters.

Since 1999, there is also an open source software called Asterisk for the implementation of a private branch exchange on a personal computer. Via such an Asterisk PBX, incoming and outgoing calls of the connected VoIP telephones can be switched just like with a normal private branch exchange. Asterisk runs under different operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X or Solaris. For these applications, Inter-Asterisk Exchange( IAX) was developed as a switching protocol.

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