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dynamic bus voltage (DBV)

Dynamic Bus Voltage (DBV) technology is a dynamic optimization of supply voltages to reduce the energy demand and heat generation of information and communication technology systems.

DVB technology can be used to reduce the power requirements of boards, both at low and high data rates. The values that can be saved are around 3% to 10%. Together, DVB technology and chip-based low- voltage technologies can make an enormous contribution to energy savings.

DBV technology is a further development of the Intermediate Bus Architecture( IBA), which operates on a load-dependent basis and reduces energy requirements at low and high loads, i.e. at low and high traffic levels. This dynamically adapts the power provided to the load conditions. Instead of the Intermediate Bus Converter( IBC) of the IBA architecture, the DBV technology uses the Advanced Bus Converter with its optimized monitoring and control algorithms. With the Dynamic Bus Voltage technology, energy savings of up to ten percent are achieved, depending on the application and traffic.

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