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enterprise power and thermal management (EPTM)

The topic of energy saving has moved into focus in the context of Green IT. IT technology makes some contributions to this in the area of power management but especially in the energy-intensive technology of data centers. There are several methods to reduce data center energy consumption.

In the context of data center power savings, the following methods are worth mentioning: Automatic Control of Power Consumption( ACPC), in which power consumption is controlled based on performance, Enterprise Power and Thermal Management (EPTM), which view power consumption as power and thermal management and control the computing power ofservers from the perspective of heat generation and cooling. These practices have ushered in a paradigm shift that is no longer just about computing power, but about the relationship of computing power to the energy used.

Enterprise Power and Thermal Management (EPTM) bring power control and cooling to servers at the rack level. To do this, the EPTM system uses standardized interfaces, the Power Thermal Management Interfaces( PTMI), which are implemented in all components and through which power data and temperatures are transmitted to the EPTM system. If the implemented models are implemented consistently, the EPTM management system can control the cooling and airflow to the racks depending on the computing power and heat generation.

According to experts, this enables energy savings of up to 30 %.

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