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flow chart

A flowchart is a graphical representation of the logical steps of a problem or program flow with special symbols. The flowchart, which is also called a program flow diagram( PAP), is a standardized, schematic representation in which functions and sequences are depicted using standardized drawing elements.

Flowcharts are created in conjunction with classical program techniques for system analysis and program development. In the flowchart, logical decisions are represented by diamond-shaped symbols and actions are represented by rectangular boxes. At each of the diamond-shaped decision symbols, there are one input and two output lines, one of which is labeled with the answer "yes", the other with the answer "no" to a question in the diamond-shaped symbol. Actions depending on decisions can therefore be represented clearly and visibly for everyone.

Important standardized symbols of flowcharts

Important standardized symbols of flowcharts

There is another type of representation that is more tailored to structured programming languages such as PASCAL or the C programming language, the Nassi-Shneiderman diagram.

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