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micro fuel cell

There are diverse developments for microgenerators. The micro fuel cell is one of them, which is suitable for use in small mobile devices and in systems with the lowest energy consumption. Micro fuel cells are to be used as an alternative for rechargeable batteries in mobile devices.

The development of the micro fuel cell is being driven forward to a large extent by several Fraunhofer institutes and is yielding interesting results. The aim of the development work is a low-cost fuel cell that consists of few individual components and can be manufactured using production technology. In addition, it should be possible to connect the individual cells into a network to generate a nominal voltage that can be used as a supply voltage for mobile devices.

Micro fuel cell, Photo: Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin

Micro fuel cell, Photo: Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin

The focus is on the membrane, which is made of special ceramics and equipped with tiny channels for hydrogen or liquid transport. In addition to hydrogen, methanol can also serve as an energy supplier.

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