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penetration testing (PT)

A penetration test(PT) is used in vulnerability analysis and is used to find security vulnerabilities in IT systems. It is particularly suitable for finding vulnerabilities that endanger the confidentiality, availability and integrity ofinformation. The penetration test examines all vulnerabilities where information processing and communication could be at risk.

Penetration tests can refer to internal and external tests and are usually performed according to manufacturer-specific empirical values as Hacking as a Service( HaaS), since the test procedure itself is not standardized.

When it comes to vulnerability tests, a distinction is made between the penetration test, which is often used by white-hat hackers, and the vulnerability scan, in which the results are evaluated manually. The vulnerability scan alsochecks the vulnerability of IT systems with a vulnerability scanner. In addition to the scanning technique, penetration tests use special hacking tools to simulate unauthorized access. This also includes manually executed attacks to penetrate the network infrastructure.

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