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quick UDP Internet connection (QUIC)

Like the SPDY protocol, Quick UDPInternet Connection (QUIC) is a network protocol for the fast transmission of web pages. Both protocols were developed by Google and are supposed to transmit web pages between web server and web client faster than the HTTP protocol. While the SPDY protocol is based on the TCP protocol, the QUIC protocol works with the UDP protocol.

The QUIC protocol supports multiplexed connections between two endpoints, the server and the client, using the UDP protocol. The connections are encrypted as with the TLS protocol or SSL protocol. To avoid congestion situations, latency for connections and transport has been reduced by a TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm. QUIC improves the performance of connection-oriented web applications transmitted using the TCP protocol.

In addition, QUIC can multiplex data streams, eliminate redundancies in data, and reduce data through compression. Also, like HTTP, it can answer multiple requests from the web client together. On the client side, the QUIC protocol is supported by the Google Chrome OSoperating system - from version 29.

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