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step duration

In the context nit ITWissen the terms step and step duration are used for a signal of defined duration. A step is assigned a unique value range of the signal parameter, a temporal and amplitude value range.

For analog signals the amplitude changes during the step duration, for digital signals the step duration is equal to the smallest possible time interval between successive state changes. This can be the time span between the rise time and the fall time of a pulse.

Period duration and step duration of a digital signal

Period duration and step duration of a digital signal

The step duration is a characteristic value of the data transmission and the reciprocal value of the step rate. It is the duration of a logical state between two successive state changes. One state change can be the transition from a Lo to a Hi level, the other from a Hi to a Lo level, or vice versa. The step duration is described in DIN 44302.

The step duration is also called step value and is the reciprocal value of the step speed, which is specified in baud.

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